Practical house stuff, parts one and two

Number 1: Pillow covers for extra duvets all done.

I ended up folding the velour blanket in half and cut it to end up with two long skinny strips. I tri-folded each, right sides together, until I ended up with a fat envelope where the nice end was on the outside, to make the outside edge. Sewed each side seam and jammed a duvet into each one. I have a pair of fat purple pillows.

Number 2: Laundry bag for sweaters all done.

laundry bag done

Folded that green stuff wrong sides together, squared off the ends. French seamed the bottom end and the side with double seams (when the right sides were together) for strength. Made a 2-inch pocket at the top and sewed the top edge, too, to keep it strong. Then I fished grosgrain ribbon through the pocket and pulled it down outside the side seam and anchored it through the bottom corner so there’s a shoulder handle, and when you pick up the handle, the top pulls shut.

Number 3: Proving frustrating.

Don’t know that I have the right kind of heavy sewing needle to deal with the vinyl. The clear vinyl I have is really thin so I don’t think it’ll make the inner divider I thought it would. It could still make a pocket (inside or outside?) for smaller pieces. Guess if I figure out the logistics I could spring for a new chunk of heavy clear vinyl, too.

Number 4: Still on the drawing board while stuck on 3.

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