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Flower scrounging

One of my favorite parts of both the Master Gardener plant sale and the Ravenswood Manor yard sale is scrounging plants. Like find what’s $1 or $2 and bringing it home.

Last year it was like cactus paddles and catmint.

This year it’s chamomile and tansy and winecup and autumn clematis from the master gardeners.


Mollie Parnis met Ann Sunshine and Naomi Wise

I was trying to learn more about this spectacular party dress that just didn’t fit me. Its waist is too teeny tiny.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Mollie Parnis, American gem. Designed for First Ladies. Tons of silk.

Expensive from the time she started. And she never told her age.

Lots of her work endured. Oh wow!

This peach day dress.

This polka-dotted silk day dress.

This beaded cocktail dress.

One more day dress.

And the ladies who originally sold it, Ann Sunshine & Naomi Wise, incorporated in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, in 1954.

They sold all sorts of exclusive.

Navy lace cocktail dresses.

Green lace cocktail dress over purple.

Damn damn damn tiny waist!

Look what I found.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Purple, rustly party dress.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Dropped waist, square neck, little  cap sleeves, back straps I’ve never seen before.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

Feels and moves and sounds like silk taffeta.

And it’s made by a talented designer, sold originally in an exclusive shop.

gone dress Mollie Parnis purple

But damnit! The tiny waist! The teeny tiny waist.

I can’t risk hurting it. I love this dress too much to harm it. Someone else should have it.

Savannah, Ga.

Just back. Glorious times, eats, down south with Mister I love.

Because the second anniversary is cotton.

catherine ward house inn

colonial park cemetery

colonial park cemetery wall

From old garden to new garden

An old neighbor let me into the old yard to thin out some plants I had stuck there a few years ago. He helped me dig them up, too, which was key with the lillies. Those suckers took root since I left which is silly because they wouldn’t grow for me.

perennials recouped

recovered perennials

Tiger lillies, recouped from the side of the road, in bags.

recovered lillies stuck in a tricky spot

Ginger-something bought at a yard sale where the homeowner got out a shovel and dug up a clump for me.

recovered perennials

Mostly in the ground now, in a bright shady spot.

shady garden

In the new yard, I found this guy popped up on his own. What is he?

sprang up on its own: what is it?

More stuff came back

Like this rue I just left out all winter. Had I known it stood a chance, I’d have cut it back harder in the fall.

that rue returned


And glorious chives, about to bloom.


A neighbor who moved out in a hurry dumped her pots carelessly in the yard, styrofoam peanuts and stones and all. I scavenged the dirt and ended up with a chunk of last summer’s sage.

thrown-away sage came back

Succulents in a can at the top of the stairs are getting there, but still look sad.

top of stairs succulents still a little sad

Practical house stuff, parts one and two

Number 1: Pillow covers for extra duvets all done.

I ended up folding the velour blanket in half and cut it to end up with two long skinny strips. I tri-folded each, right sides together, until I ended up with a fat envelope where the nice end was on the outside, to make the outside edge. Sewed each side seam and jammed a duvet into each one. I have a pair of fat purple pillows.

Number 2: Laundry bag for sweaters all done.

laundry bag done

Folded that green stuff wrong sides together, squared off the ends. French seamed the bottom end and the side with double seams (when the right sides were together) for strength. Made a 2-inch pocket at the top and sewed the top edge, too, to keep it strong. Then I fished grosgrain ribbon through the pocket and pulled it down outside the side seam and anchored it through the bottom corner so there’s a shoulder handle, and when you pick up the handle, the top pulls shut.

Number 3: Proving frustrating.

Don’t know that I have the right kind of heavy sewing needle to deal with the vinyl. The clear vinyl I have is really thin so I don’t think it’ll make the inner divider I thought it would. It could still make a pocket (inside or outside?) for smaller pieces. Guess if I figure out the logistics I could spring for a new chunk of heavy clear vinyl, too.

Number 4: Still on the drawing board while stuck on 3.