Sketching out some practical house stuff

Sigh. It’s not glamorous. But sewing practical stuff from the stash beats spending real money that could buy shoes. Or plants.

Plus it’s all easy straight lines.

Number 1: Somewhere to store the extra duvets.

What if I put them in big square pillow cases? Envelope-style pillow cases made from a purple velour blanket? Then they’ll sit in plain sight against the window wall, insulate the room a little bit and keep clean, too…
purple velour

Number 2: Separate laundry bag for my sweaters.

Mister keeps shrinking mine. And even though I pull his shirts out of the general wash, yanking out the sweaters for a delicate wash in cold is beyond his skills. A square bag with a drawstring should do it, French seamed all around. I don’t have any mesh in the stash, but there should be something heavy enough to stand up but light enough to see through…

Maybe this weird-o green stuff? It breathes. And I’ll never wear it.

Number 3: Something stiff and waterproof to keep prints and posters in.

The portfolio folder I kept prints and posters in got WET during a pickle-making experiment that, um, didn’t work. I essentially need an envelope that’s like 30 inches by 24 inches. And I have some sparkly red vinyl… If I cut it 30 by 30, and sew in a flat bottom, that could work. Could also make it with three layers — a clear layer in the middle — with smaller pockets on one side for smaller things still waiting for frames and wallspace…
red sparkly vinyl

Number 4: Pillowcase to stash pajamas in.

They normally sit on the bed’s corner under the duvet, making a big old lump. Hardly the end of the world. But if I had a spot to hide PJs in plain sight, I’d use it.

Hiding in plain sight: The secret to living in a small space.

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