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Fun at estate sales

Fun indeed. Look at this ad.

Headed up to Chicago’s Wildwood community this weekend, a neighborhood I’d never been to, to see the treasures in a house that looked as if it hadn’t been updated since the late 1960s, though also as if it had been beautifully tended.

I escaped narrowly, $7 later. Bought up a stack of greeting cards and these treasures.

No, I am not an Aquarius. I don’t care.
pearly earrings $.25

No, I’m not a Pisces, either.

pendant $4

I *was* born in 1976.

pin $1

My lady friend, with whom I’m trying hard to cultivate a real friendship since she’s an absolutely smarty-pants gem, made off with a giant brooch that has a watchface in it.

There are plans to go out again, to stick out nosy noses into real estate open houses and then hit the thrifts.

Alas, not in the western burbs. One of my best Salvation Army stores is no more. Its strip mall got knocked down.