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One year ago today this bit the dust

In a terrible house fire that burned my brother and his wife and kids out of their house.

Since everyone was fine, and today the house is rebuilt and they’ve added another member to the family, I can lament the loss of this guy,


Christmas dress 2009,


which only took forever because I finished every inner seam with bias tape.


The poor little girl this was made for also mourned its passing and asked if I couldn’t make a new one, since it was, after all, the twirliest dress in the world?

Maybe I can…

I got new glasses! And then more new glasses

Finally got lenses put into these white beauties, just in time for Christmas.

white frames

I love them: the shape, the white, the detailed arms. Really, the teeny gems are my least favorite part, you know, for every day.

white frames

white frames arms

Still, I’ve been wearing them every day. They’re a nice break from the red ones that were my regulars.

Then Mister and I popped into the Antiquarian’s Delight while in Philadelphia to find something for my sister. Beelined for the Barbara Blau Collectibles’ booth – she’s been my hookup for vintage glasses for about 10 years now – and while he was deciding on earrings for my sister, I noticed a pair of black frames that weren’t there last summer.

black frames side

Thanks to Barbara’s nudge, I walked out with them too.

black frames