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Take ratty silver sweater set; make silver shrug

christmas dress finished!

The little shrug used to be a Tommy Hilfiger sweater set in white and silver.

sweater silver

sweater silver tag

Who knows what I spilled on it?

sweater silver gross

Or how the undershirt turned pink?

sweater silver inside

I turned it into a shrug for the Christmas dress, using the little included pattern.

shrug pattern

The long sleeves, once cut off and opened up, provided the last of the fabric for the four piece little jacket.

shrug from sleeves

Sweetie little extras

Found these darlings years ago at the thrifts. Held on to them for the right little girl and the right occasion. Ruby must have been born by then, but she would have been super teeny.

gloves embroidered

My girlfriend is teeny no more. And so a little lady with a swishy taffeta dress needs a pair of gloves to go with.

Fancy gloves, no less.

gloves embroidered close