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O Christmas Plants

How to solve the fresh/fake debate. Throw up lights on all the umbrella trees.

christmas plant

Add ornaments lovingly.

upstairs christmas

Turn off overhead lights. Sit. Love.

downstairs christmas

I should just give up already

So cute, right? Practice skirts to get back into “real” pattern sewing for my niece. I thought the waist seemed huge for an almost 6-yo, but what did I know? Followed the measurements as supplied to me.

zebra skirt finished

Did a full lining, sewing it in under the waistband and under the hem so no ugly edges showed. Loved this pattern because there was no hem to do. Just a fold over and sew. I *really* hate hemming.

zebra skirt waist

The pink’s from her corduroy Christmas dress last year, the one tragically et up in a house fire. The zebra’s her favorite print.

zebra skirt lining

Yeah. It didn’t fit. Way too big.