Goodbye! And thanks for the ideas.

I got caught up in a giant story late last week, so I had no time to sew or write or photograph. Or eat lunch, really. I ended up finishing my little dress over the weekend, but the post will have to wait.

Meanwhile, more stuff’s moving out of my life. And I’m excited about it. It’s looking mighty shoddy anymore so I don’t feel cute in it. It’s been a while now that this stuff’s fallen from the A-list. So why couldn’t I let go?

I’m a latent hoarder. I didn’t want to forget about these finishing ideas.

This raglan t-shirt is so disgusting!


But it has really great silver topstitching that sets it apart.

t-shirt topstitching

And this lilac blouse (ratty, missing buttons) used tulle edging in a dramatic, yet basic way.

tulle trim on blouse

I think it could be really easily reproduced.

tulle trim buttons

I wanted a closer look.

tulle trim curve

Cut strips of tulle, gather edges, trim to uniform width, stitch in, no?

They ended up in the rag bin. But these boots go to Goodwill.

breakup boots

They were a breakup present to myself many years ago. I quickly attempted to polish them darker. It didn’t work. So off they go.

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