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Cleaning up all the scraps

I’m such a terrible hoarder. Can’t bear to waste anything. So I have bags and a few bins of fabric scraps I guess I was saving for linings and bindings. And because they’re beautiful.

This project might be the answer. A scrap quilt.

I get to use all those charming little pieces, and someone gets a charming little quilt out of the deal. Nothing gets wasted. Useful fabric remains useful.

I like it.


I should have made a dress for this

Family wedding a few weeks ago in lovely Chester, Vermont.

chester (vt) wedding


Alas, nothing was done in time. Goodwill saved the day with a $5 number that had a great tulip skirt and POCKETS.

But it’s a sad, sad time when a girl can’t rustle up the time or effort to come up with a new dress.