How to… add simple belt loops

My new dress-from-dress came with its own belt. I didn’t want to lose the belt, so I added some belt loops which are super easy to make.

All you need is crochet thread or embroidery thread in a color that matches your dress, a sewing needle with an eye big enough for the thread and a crochet hook. (Though you can also do the crochet on your fingers if you have no hook.)

belt loops thread

Start the crochet with a long thread tail several inches long. That’ll anchor the loop to the garment.

belt - start with loop and tail

Crochet, counting the stitches, until you have a length that’s double the width of the belt, plus two stitches. Mine needed 32.

belt - keep crocheting until long enough

belt - crochet until twice the belt

(If you’re using your fingers, make a slip stitch, leaving a long tail of thread. Stick your index finger in the loop at the first knuckle joint.

belt - finger - loops

Loop the thread over your finger and wrap the loop over the thread.

belt - finger - wrap pull

Tug on the loop until the stitch tightens.

belt - finger - keep pulling until tight

Repeat until the crochet’s long enough.)

Leaving another long thread tail, cut the thread. Pull the tail through the last loop to secure the stitches.

belt - leave long tail before cutting

If you want loops on both sides, make another one the same way.

belt - loops - make two

Now thread the big needle with one of the tails.

belt - loops - thread tail on big needle

Then you sew the loop in. Some people anchor the top and then the bottom. I like the kind where the loop hangs down. So I poke the needle through from the right side and pull one tail through, and then do the same with the other end.

belt loop push needle through

Even better if you can catch the seam allowance.

belt loop back side

I knot them tightly on the back and voila!

belt loop knotted

That’s it.

belt loop finished

Then, should the belt get lost or something, the crocheted loop will cut out easily without harming the dress.

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