Wardrobe: Keep it or pitch it?

In culling my closet, I’m trying to be honest and stick to the rules. That’s harder than it seemed.

Take this guy. Fantastic magenta blouse.


I put it on. I applied the rules, ignoring the brand name (“Shapely”).

  • Solid magenta color (#6): Keep it.
  • Doesn’t need ironing (#10): Keep it.
  • Simple design, kicky cuffs, fabric has great sheen (#11): Keep it.
  • Woven, not knit (#1): Pitch it.
  • Neck kinda high if I button it decently (#2): Pitch it.
  • Little bit blousy. Not great fit as it is (#5): Pitch it.

See? That’s indecisive. So I’m going to try wearing it to work with a very fitted long pencil skirt in textured black twill. If I love it then, I’ll keep it. If I don’t love it then, this little guy gots to go.

Here’s another one. This I made, one of the first things I tried in knit fabric. It’s Simplicity 3790 with stuff from an amazing Hobby Lobby clearance sale. Like 60″ @ $2/yard. Made an exact copy in the same stuff, only cream where this guy’s black.

top-black lace

This keep’s much clearer:

  • Simple design, interesting fabric (#11): Keep it.
  • Knit, not woven (#1): Keep it.
  • Neck nice and deep (#2) Keep it.
  • Not a true wrap top, but the band at the bottom cinches me in nicely (#4): Keep it.

I can’t say anything mean about it.

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