Manifesto: Dress from dress

I’m trying this little dress refashion for fall, using the copious amounts of easy knit fabric from a giant honking shirtdress to cut out a simple four-piece dress from pattern Simplicity 3506. The original was cut from a border print, using the fabric’s variations to make different pieces of the dress. The belt’s all cut from stripes.

(There’s the original dress, opened up at the sides.)

Been staring at the dress a minute, deciding whether to take it in or just start over. And used the MANIFESTO to determine it’s worth cutting into a new dress:

This dress has lots of darts:
#5. I have a curvy body that needs a little harnessing. When the fits is right, wow. When it’s not, I want to tear up the photographic evidence.

And a good V-neck: #2 I wear open necks, not high ones. When my bosom gets buried under a lot of fabric, I feel giant. And I like necklaces more than other jewelry.

It’s easy knit:
#10 I hate ironing and don’t do it.

And it’s a pretty basic dark print, dark enough, I think to be un-regretted:
#9 I like easy dresses, too. I end up regretting most prints (save leopard). I’d rather let my jewelry do the talking. I love prints as sneaky inside peeks: pockets, trims, linings.

So it seems like a worthwhile project. I’ve jumped in, traced the main pieces and cut.

Figures I didn’t photograph its “before” status. Someday.

  1. September 21st, 2010
  2. September 22nd, 2010

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