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Mermaid madness

My goddaughter is currently obsessed with mermaids.Watches this creepiness on the Tube. Tapes washcloths around her dolls to give them tails.Wanted a real mermaid tail she could swim in. Didn’t have the $150 to buy one.

Finally made a plea to Godmother. Negotiated carefully. Settled on a long cotton skirt with tail for herself and a doll. Found sparkly green cotton she liked, sent it *plus handdrawn love* from 19128 to 60622.

And so I spend my Saturday sewing with love of my own, adjusting a long skirt pattern to fit her, perhaps with elastic around the ankles so it’ll be sleek yet walkable.

Laid the thing out at the best thinking house ever, a gracious family cottage in Indiana, using scraps of paper, then newspaper.

There were enough scraps to make a matching tail for her favorite doll.

And here it is.


Wait, who is Carol Horn?

So the Modern Fashion encyclopedia helped me figure out some stuff and said this about Carol Horn:

She uniquely creates a style that is both stylish and comfortable. She was the first to implement the essence of the 1960s, with collections of separates that carried over from season to season. Further, Horn blended such looks as British nomad and the ultra structured lines of formal Japanese attire into her collections.

Sounds like a girl right up my alley. And I love the dress pattern I found and sewed. It has a simplicity that isn’t at all boring.

But a little peek at some of the rest of her clothes?


Carol Horn, you read my mind


Carol Horn, this dress is spectacular.

The bodice is low cut yet substantial. Princess seaming should harness all my assets.

Can you see the top front? The center piece is all skinny, the rest of the bosom comes from a separate little part that wraps around to the back. Topstitching will provide extra support. I cut the short version.

vogue close

I’ve had this red polyester with some sort of tulip print stamped on for ages, probably for as long as I’ve had the pattern. You know I got it on half price day, too, at the Markham thrift for more than two yards of 60″ wide stuff.

red polyester thrifted
I decided to cut it tulip side down after much indecision.
red polyester fabric texture

Couldn’t wait to give this a shot. It cut and sewed so beautifully.

red polyester dress layout

Zipper went right in, same for the facing. Only guess what? The damn thing fits everywhere but my bosom. And since it’s not a traditional princess fit – there’s that extra part that wraps around, I don’t even know how to fix it.

Lousy bosom’s wrecking all my fun anymore.