Foot fiasco

The  dress I’m trying to finish this weekend – with POCKETS – is telling me it needs a zipper foot to do the back zip. I’ve tricked my machine into sewing zippers without a zipper foot, but I’ve been trying to improve the quality of sewing, so I want to try to do this right.

I pawed through a jumble of sewing machine accessories and found a mess of metal.

Look what I’ve been sitting on:

An adjustable hemmer foot that won’t fit my machine

Of the whole little box, these are the only things I can use

A cloth guide, Singer 25527.

All these years, I’ve been sticking masking tape to the machine to do this. And now I know what that random hole is for, too.

And a blind hemming guide

NO! I’ve resisted buying new sewing stuff all week. Ignored a giant JoAnn sale. Went into the Hancock to look at patterns and polished cotton and put it all back. And now I need a trip to the Vogue for a zipper foot?!

Right. Figures it doesn’t fit after a special trip. My trusty Singer Stylist 776 has a slanty shaft. When can I get to the Hancock to get the right size? And then where am I going to hide two yards of silver metallic silk?

  1. July 11th, 2010

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