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Lousy sewing this spring

I don’t get to sew much anymore and it’s freaking me out. It just takes up so much room is the problem anymore in a very cramped little house, and my garden only wants little bits of time here and there. So guess which gets the attention?

Plus, I can’t sew while anyone’s around.

Does anyone else have this problem? I can hem, sew buttons on, do little things, but I can’t get anything started or cut out unless I’m in the house totally alone.

Which never seems to happen anymore. I typically have Saturdays to myself while the Mister works his regular weekend shift, but we’ve been out of town a lot lately and I’ve had to pick up Saturday shifts, too.

Except tonight I have a date with myself!

So what should I do with it?

Fix awesome giant birthday Svengoolie T-shirt so it fits?

Cut out and start a wrap dress with a pattern I’ve been drooling over since I bought it?

Try this practical summer 80s number out (from this lady’s stack)?

Deal with stack of old silk dresses I’ve been hoarding?

My ‘garden’ is glorious

There was a weird Saturday recently where I was up and bopping about, thrilled to be awake (?!) by 6 a.m.

So I poked at garden until a little before 9.

Stair garden, before:
stairfall, 6:30 a.m. before I dug in

The lemon balm in the top seeded itself. The oxalis in the middle slept all winter on the back steps, looked very d-e-d, then sprang to life once left outside. The bottom layer of lettuce is proving delicious.

cascade of lemon balm, oxalis, groundcover

To the far right, a pot of delicious-looking NOPALES. The strawberry pot is ancient, a long-ago birthday present from my bigger brother.

Hens and chicks, multiple varieties, from stores and yard sales. Who’d have thought they’d stay perennial here?
hens and chicks

hens and chicks - cobwebby kind

hens and chicks, yard sale edition

Perennial groundcovers for the succulent bowl:
succulent groundcover, yard sale edition

Fuzzy things from the Master Gardener plant sale:
fuzzy kalanchoe?

And my temperamental succulents that live in the house all the time, flourishing on back window sill:
succulents, indoors