Silk and tacos

The weekend snows reminded me of how happy we were to have a day of 48 and sunny a few Sundays ago.

And it was supposed to be that for long enough that Mister and I called up everyone we knew to make a taco tour of the Maxwell Street market. Starting with Lenchos.

First Lenchos of 2010

One friend (who happens to love fabric more than almost any man I’ve ever met), was totally in, so was my Teeny Friend and his dad.

You’d think a steady drizzle might shrink the line at the Lencho’s stand. Alas.

Didn’t scare away the copper pot vendor either.

Copper pots

Or the creepy clowns.

Clowns, Maxwell style

We had a couple tiny carne asadas each.

Taco options
Boys ate an al pastor.

Pastor of the future

All had a stunning quesadilla finale on tortillas the ladies were making on site by hand.

I bother with all this because the taco market’s south end is right at Vogue Fabrics. I had poked through my stash Saturday night to see what could line the purple dress. I typically like to cut and sew a lining first * just * in case.  And I already have some purple-y polyester that could have done in a pinch. But why not peek into the Vogue to see if the sale rack couldn’t offer something amazing?

They still had the purple silk — but I wanted something softer. Enter magenta washed silk, soft as the stuff I used to line my wedding dress, and what a dream that was.

silk for purple dress with magenta lining

It’s not purple, I know, so it could show along the neckline or inside the sleeves once the dancing really gets going. I’m going to have to find a quick way to make a sort of facing in the dark purple, and rely on the magenta for inside the body.

Which means… my chicken self is going to have to cut the actual dress first.

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