Cynthia Rowley, finito

Saturday morning.

Clean kitchen floor. Hot coffee, WBEZ on the radio.

Three yards of flocked velvet from the quarter table at Hancock, gray nap on a wine background.

gray/wine velvet on the ready

pattern weighted

Cynthia Rowley pattern, recently acquired (the one at the bottom).

By lunchtime?

pattern weighed down

One finished tunic.


Beautiful fit. Just in time for collective family party, too. It does need a belt. And a proper slip to go underneath. The sheer parts are super sheer. Maybe I’ll make the slip in nude to complete the illusion.


I love the hem — because there isn’t one. Just a folded band attached to the bottom. It’s only supposed to go with version B — the long tunic or minidress — but I’ll keep if if I make the full dress or the shorter top.

Five pieces, too. Front. Back. Bottom band. Neck facing — a simple bias strip I sewed as a French binding. Same for the gathered sleeves.


I can’t wait to make more. I smell a spring trend for this girl.

  1. March 4th, 2010
  2. March 18th, 2010

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