That pattern lady was determined to make shorts!

Simplicity 9710 Easy to sew not shorts

So my girlfriend who sewed up some Gorgeous Tops (made two!) scribbled all over her patterns I think she was trying to sell. She’d bought them at the Minnesota Fabrics in Ford City (which I think now is the Hancock chain) and the JoAnn Fabrics also in Ford City. I picked them up at the thrift in Markham some 15 miles south.

You know, she kept track of her size (an 18) —

McCalls 8670 separates-back

McCalls 8670 separates

Then she lets loose once she got all determined to make shorts.

Simplicity 7264

Simplicity 7264 Large sewn in knits too big. Try cotton. 02-97.

Simplicity 7264 Made knit pants - guys on skate boards

Kept trying with this one.

Simplicity 9710

Simplicity 9710 Top is easy

Simplicity 9710 Shorts are very hard to make But very cute!

And one more (possibly from when she was laid off in Sept. 1998)

Simplicity 8021 Sewed pants adding 1 1/2 inch

Simplicity 8021 Laid off 09-98

Simplicity 8021 Shorts made in yellow denim

Dang, lady. I respect your tenacity though not always your taste.

My kingdom to figure out who she is.

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