Handmade Christmas, the forgotten edition

I made these for Christmas presents and promptly forgot about them.

gray and teal

Bought the feathers on super clearance at the Ben Franklin in Palos HIlls, for like $0.29 a piece.

I was looking for white and off-white and gold ones to make a headpiece, and handed over $4 for most of all the dyed peacock feathers they had left. It was a giant bunch.

gray and teal

It wasn’t until my sister bought an amazing gunmetal gray dress for New Year’s eve I remembered the gray headband I had made for her.

I put a little glue along the flat edge of the headband and used plastic clothespins to hold the feathers in place while the glue was drying. Then I used a needle to wrap doubled thread around the whole thing, one piece through each tooth of the headband until they all were secured. The hardest part was keeping the extra feather strands from getting stuck. The stem ends got a little trim and that was it. 

Oh well. Now both gray and teal will show up at her house as a surprise. And maybe now I’ll also make one in reds for myself.

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