Handmade Christmas: the results show

Crafty Christmas worked again. And not too much crying (by me). The trick was starting really early and not insisting on sewing everything from scratch.

The pink dress was a giant hit. It got twirled a ton during the week I visited. I love that her mom dresses her in stuff I made when I’m around. (we’re a little shy, hence the heart faces)

pink dress done!

So was this homemade tutu w heart sequins stuck in one of the layers:


Goddaughter got her purple velvet cocktail dress all ready for her 9th birthday or a random Tuesday night. Naturally, I forgot to photograph her in it. And despite adding like 5 inches to the hem, and then a ruffle for another 1.5 or 2, it’s still on the short side because she’s so leggy.

Ruffle - finished dress

Then me and Mister read books on tape, added in some music and burned CDs for the little guys so we can read to them all the time. Mister loves “The Five Chinese Brothers,” with such new words as “execution.” I read one of the “Frog and Toad” books. BIg hit, I’m told.

For our parents and siblings and friends, we made stuff from wedding photos and framed portraits of the friends taken in a special studio in the cocktail room that day. 

And some ladies in my life got handrolled or sewn silk scarves with fabric found on Roosevelt Avenue — the silk table at Vogue. Also forgot photos. My MIL wore hers out Saturday night – a rough orange silk with red stitching around the edges to keep it from unraveling too much. SIL got a vintage Liz Claiborn fuschia dress I shortened significantly into a tunic, and an endless scarf from the chopped off parts.

Another big hit was black cowboy boots I thrifted for my 3-yo nephew who immediately proclaimed them “pirate boots” and ran to look for his Captain Hook Halloween costume to put on, too.

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