TV to sew by

I finished the top of my niece’s fuschia(!) Christmas dress, according to pattern. I took forever and a lot of care, binding the seam allowances and carefully topstitching. Since I always want to finish(!) projects(!) already(!), I promised myself I would only do the top last weekend.

Even better, I didn’t print out the tiered skirt tutorial so there’d be no temptations.

EVEN better, a kooky movie starring Rosalind Russell as Mother Superior was on the old UHF — Where Angels Go, Troubles Follow.

tour bus

Hip shindigs, mod dresses, nuns looking fabulous and learning about modernity…

hip shindig @ boys' school

How is Rosalind *so* glam in a black habit?

glam mother superior

No se. Has to be the sunglasses?

I love mindless movies to sew by — Svengoolie’s selections being my favorite. A good radio story works, too. A little Sewing By Nancy on PBS? Music’s ok sometimes, but I prefer a story.

Does anybody else sew to anything in particular? Songs, movies, TV? Silence?

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