My beloved Singer Stylist 776

…is being repaired by a professional from Crown Point, Ind., who informed me that when I replaced the gears, a simple task in and of itself, I threw off the machine’s timing.

He’s got my friend for a good week to tune her up and reset the timing. I’ve been reading of course about timing and what it means for the next time. Meanwhile, I will cough up the $78 for a real tune-up and a timing reset and rejoice come Friday when I get the 776 back.

Meanwhile, also, I can’t do a darn thing but drool over clothes I can’t make.


Like while I was watching on Svengoolie (again) last weekend, “I Saw What You Did,” and Joan Crawford’s necklace stole the show. Her dress, too. I need a dress like that to show off a fantastic neckpiece.

joan necklace


  1. What sets off the timing and can I fix it myself.? Sounds like you are handy too. Did you feel it was too much? I am in Hawaii and they want $170.00 or more to fix it. I can buy a new one for that! Thanks, nanci

    • I wrecked the timing when I tried to replace a gear by myself. Set the gear in fine, but didn’t realize there was a thing called timing. Also I hadn’t serviced my machine since getting it like 15 years ago so it served me right. And I I ended up taking it to the Hancock fabric store where a local repair guy sets up shop. In the end, it cost a little more than $78 – I got a tune-up, too. To me it was worth it. For $170? I’m not so sure. No local repair shop where you live? So sorry for your troubles.

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