Silk sweater set only cuter

I bought this silk sweater set at the Salvy even though at a 1X, it was too big.

red silk sweater set before

red silk sweater set shell before

The silk was lovely, the muted red color is fantastic and sweater sets are in fact perfect for my work. Also, the bigger size meant the whole thing was longer than normal. And I’ve bought August Silk sweaters before – they last forever if you don’t dry the hell out of them.

red silk sweater set tag

Seemed like a worthwhile refashion.

Of course it took a while to get to fixing it. Pathetic: what an easy fix! Used the same technique as this purple sweater

Pulled in the sides. That’s it. Go see the how-to if you like.

sweater set-red silk refashion

The wide neck turned into de facto cap sleeves so I don’t need the top layer in the office.

sweater set-red silk refashion

Thinking now about adding ruffles using the scraps I cut off the sides and this trusty how-to.

  1. June 21st, 2009

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