Dresses make good presents, right?

dress hawaiian front close

I owe my sister-in-law a birthday present and had bought her this vintage Hawaiian dress to wear at my mom’s beach house, where us ladies like to roam the joint in muu-muus. That’s a true story. Mine’s green. Sister’s is red and white, our mom’s is leopard print.

dress hawaiian

SIL, who loves pink, didn’t have one, so I thought about hemming the original maxidress a little to fit her. It’s really good heavy fabric and has this great scoop back.

dress hawaiian back close 


What if she and her 4-year-old had the same dress? What if I hemmed the thing to the knee, a length she’s more likely to actually wear, and use the *good* foot of fabric at the bottom to make a dress for my niece?

I pulled out my little girl patterns and found a handful of possibilities for my niece.

Ruby dress patterns

The halter patterns on the left are very summer, but I think in the spirit of the muu-muu, I’m going with the dress on the right, the one with the ruffled skirt. I think it’ll fit the fabric I have better, too.

Ruby pattern 1

Thoughts while I hem the original dress? 4-year-olds still like to match their moms, right?

  1. I remember wanting to dress like my mom until well into elementary school, but 4-year-olds today are so much more savvy… I think it’d be awfully cute.

  1. July 4th, 2009
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