Making… decay?

I have been itching for a compost pile for quite some time. Like a couple of years. I grow all kinds of crap year-round.

And I hate waste, shy from throwing *anything* away and also despise stinky garbage taking up the whole alley. Landfills are sad enough without junking ’em up. Also, buying dirt is stupid. You know.

When you share a yard, though, it’s hard to make your neighbors deal with a pile of rotting food and leaves no matter how much they’re into gardening (which they are). Tried a quiet depressed corner of the new yard, but a soggy cantaloupe was my own final straw. Leaving organic decay out in the open is Just Not Done. Plus, it was drawing over rats from the impromptu frat house on our other side.

So I finally got around to making this urban composter courtesy of You Grow Girl. Mister was pitching a fit about the scraps languishing and growing fuzz on the kitchen counter, even in this cutely countertop composter we got for our wedding.

counter composter

Sadly all I needed to do was get my hands on a tub, an opaque tub with a lid on it.

compost bin

Thanks, Menard’s, for a $3.33 sale last week on a blue plastic tub with lid. Believe it or not, the thing’s made in the U.S.A. Dug out the drill, and within about 10 minutes, I was in business.
compost bin lid all drilled
With two reporters in the house, there’s newspaper galore lying around. And we cook a ton, so there’s lots of scraps, too.

inside the compost bin

All my plant clippings, all the junk that falls off the trees in the neighborhood, all the coffee grounds that otherwise just end up in the stinky alley garbage, and all the scraps from beautiful summer produce will now make my growing richer.

I feel so much better about getting rid of things when I know they’ll be useful and not wasted.

  1. You might be interested to look into “worm composting” which I’ve found a great way of dealing with food scraps. While I actually have a worm composter IN my kitchen, that may be too much for some folks and you can certainly keep them outside in moderate weather. There is no smell, and the worms do all the work, more quickly than just letting the materials decay on their own. (there is gobs of information online, I built my kitchen unit using these instructions

    • nalani
    • June 22nd, 2009

    I got a bunch of those tubs at that sale! Actually for storage but would love to do a composter. Where did you find instructions for this project?

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