Ginger it up

I’ve been covering a pretty complicated trial, and a week in, my boss got laid off.

The voice of my newspaper, a man who hired me twice is now gone. I already feel like somebody died, and then the temps dropped tonight into the 30s. There’s talk of snow.

So tonight, instead of futzing outside to stake out a compost pile, I made myself a treat. Blended sad-looking strawberries and sad-looking ginger together, and dumped the tops with shredded newspaper (two reporters in the house so we have a ton) into the compost holding box.

Look how bee-you-tee-ful.

strawberries, sad looking

It’s also delicious. Ginger’s an amazing flavor that works with most of what I love to eat.

And nothing like blending the crap out of something to let off the bad vibes.

strawberry blender

I guess until my neighbors sign off on the compost pile in our shared backyard, I ought to get cracking on one of these beauties, courtesy of You Grow Girl.

strawberry tops

Such a yucky day, maybe I ought to have held onto this swathe of cheeriness instead of gifting it? Crocheted in Japan to boot.

red and orange flower

scarf folded in half

scarf crocheted in Japan


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