I’m so excited about prom seasons

Which is an odd thing for a 32-year-old childless woman to say. But a lovely gown I had on etsy, I’m thrilled to say, has found a new home.

SOLD! dress mint ruffle

SOLD! dress mint hem

I don’t know that the lucky lady shopper will wear this to prom. I won’t compromise her privacy unless she volunteers the dress’ destination. But I got news of the sale on the same day the advice columnist I read to hate every single day, Ask Amy, just was talking about vintage and secondhand dresses this prom season.

I’ll shamelessly plug a few of my own listings that would be fun at prom:

Teal strapless tiered sheath w bolero!

teal ruffled sheath w bolero

Purple batwing!

Magenta ruffles!

magenta ruffles on dress

And etsy is full of fun stuff, too, if you search the “prom” tag:

Leopard and ruffles?

Metallic purple (little pricey, though)?

A trip to the secondhand store will yield even less expensive results.

Happy prom, everybody! No need to spend big bucks to have a fab time!

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