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Ginger it up

I’ve been covering a pretty complicated trial, and a week in, my boss got laid off.

The voice of my newspaper, a man who hired me twice is now gone. I already feel like somebody died, and then the temps dropped tonight into the 30s. There’s talk of snow.

So tonight, instead of futzing outside to stake out a compost pile, I made myself a treat. Blended sad-looking strawberries and sad-looking ginger together, and dumped the tops with shredded newspaper (two reporters in the house so we have a ton) into the compost holding box.

Look how bee-you-tee-ful.

strawberries, sad looking

It’s also delicious. Ginger’s an amazing flavor that works with most of what I love to eat.

And nothing like blending the crap out of something to let off the bad vibes.

strawberry blender

I guess until my neighbors sign off on the compost pile in our shared backyard, I ought to get cracking on one of these beauties, courtesy of You Grow Girl.

strawberry tops

Such a yucky day, maybe I ought to have held onto this swathe of cheeriness instead of gifting it? Crocheted in Japan to boot.

red and orange flower

scarf folded in half

scarf crocheted in Japan


I’m so excited about prom seasons

Which is an odd thing for a 32-year-old childless woman to say. But a lovely gown I had on etsy, I’m thrilled to say, has found a new home.

SOLD! dress mint ruffle

SOLD! dress mint hem

I don’t know that the lucky lady shopper will wear this to prom. I won’t compromise her privacy unless she volunteers the dress’ destination. But I got news of the sale on the same day the advice columnist I read to hate every single day, Ask Amy, just was talking about vintage and secondhand dresses this prom season.

I’ll shamelessly plug a few of my own listings that would be fun at prom:

Teal strapless tiered sheath w bolero!

teal ruffled sheath w bolero

Purple batwing!

Magenta ruffles!

magenta ruffles on dress

And etsy is full of fun stuff, too, if you search the “prom” tag:

Leopard and ruffles?

Metallic purple (little pricey, though)?

A trip to the secondhand store will yield even less expensive results.

Happy prom, everybody! No need to spend big bucks to have a fab time!

Blouse cleaning on Etsy

My closet is bursting. Warm weather garb should take up less space, right? Somehow I can’t find anything. Which means it’s time to purge a little bit. I’ll start with the tops.

Now is all crowded, and I can see what I have and wear.

Tulip blouse:

blouse flowered top

Teal blouse:

blouse teal top

Pansy blouse:

blouse pansy

Ruffled denim number:

blouse denim ruffles

Magenta boatneck number:

top-magenta stripes

Red and white blouse:

top red print

Appliqued sweater:

sweater white embroidered

Koala sweater:

sweater koala close

Special delivery

We made invitations to look like news.


Invite front

Used these seal and send invites bought from LCI paper. They fold up nicely into a small packet that’s self contained.

And has a detachable postcard at the bottom that works suitably for a reply card (my mother won that debate).

Invite-response card front

Invite-response card

It was the closest we could pull off to these AMAZING invitations I found at Tugboat Printshop on Flickr. We’re writers, not printers, so we had to cheat a little bit. Also, no envelopes and no extra paper waste (think: those awful little tissue paper inserts).

Ecru paper looks old since we’re both newspaper reporters getting married in an old Philadelphia newspaper building. Used some story text from Bruno Mancari’s murder trial where we met, to add some gray texture to the front.

Invite-address box

And the story chosen recounts the outburst in open court of a witness’ wife who shrieks before the judge and jury that her husband (who now has taken the fifth amendment and reneged on his deal with the state) still! has! a! deal!

Lesson learned: Stand by your husband, even when he’s accused of burying a hammer in some poor slob’s brain. ESPECIALLY when he’s accused of such.

The Liberty Bell has remained a strong image throughout the few things we’ve had printed, as have the pointing fingers that appear on the front page of the real-life Public Ledger. The Liberty Bell was to be the main event on thank you cards, too, but my Mister protested about his Chicago roots. More to come about those cards soon.

Will just say for now that screwing up the plan often leads to a better plan. And securing a reputation for being a little off-kilter is a worthwhile enterprise that may spare later headaches.