Lousy March

I am putting away the turtlenecks.

Enough already.

I leave for Philadelphia Saturday morning for the weekend, and when I come back, I don’t want to deal with the heaviest winter woolies.

So there. I don’t mean the sweaters, or the flannel PJs. The down jacket remains a wardrobe staple. It’s only March, for crying out loud.

But the turtlenecks are going away until the days are shorter than they are long.

I had popped into a “new” thrift on my way back from an assignment, since it was lunchtime and I’d had my eye on the spot a while. Had a red vintage Hawaiian dress in hand and red slippers with fur pom poms on the toes when the phone rang. Assignment desk calling with a new job to run out on.

Big news for my neck of the woods. So much for that.

In the end, I have a closet so full already of things selling on the etsy, and stuff waiting for little fixes.

A la — waiting to become a cap sleeved tunic
sweater-black mesh

And this one you already know about
Metallic brocade skirt before

And this one, the seams cut so it’s ready to work as fabric for another top—
top leopard-cut for fabric 

Also this silk sweater set, still too big—
red silk sweater set before

Not to mention the stuff in a bin under the bed I haven’t decided about – whether to sell or adjust. All for the best, really.

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