Jars, or A Tale of Hoarding

Maybe it’s the cold. Maybe it’s the engagement, a preparation to marry. Maybe it’s my Mister is far away. Or the uncertain economy.

I’m crazy lately about glass jars, jarring things, putting things up in jars, drinking from jars, storing all kinds of grains and beans and veg and soup in jars. I thrift them, like this bicentennial 1976 Ball Jar in blue. I save them after the olives are gone. 

1976 Bicentennial Ball Jar

Case and point: Jars of yogurt and jars of chicken broth made from a whole little Cermak Market broiler in the fridge. Yogurt consumed from jar for lunch. Ditto for chicken broth this week.

Chicken broth

This week the remainders got combined into Turkish yogurt soup, seasoned with dried mint kept since the summer in old quilted jelly jars. Now soup’s stored in jars from green olive and marinated eggplant to take to work.


I like the way they look, lined up and irregular, full of different colored things. I like the permanence of storage in canning jars. I like recycling them in my own house.

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