And one for big mama, too.

Mama’s shirt took more time and more hair-pulling compared with Poppa’s. I found this Buddha t-shirt for $1 at one of my favorite Salvy’s in the world early in her pregnancy.

mama shirt-before

Finally got the nerve to chop it right before her baby shower but didn’t quite make the deadline.

Anyway, she had about six weeks to wear it and seems to love it and it turned out a perfect fit.

mama shirt-design

I had to buy a new craft T and opted with a fitted one from JoAnn because Mama has a small and delicate frame, and I wanted the top of the top to fit her nicely.

mama shirt-base

So the logo was going over her belly. I thought about chopping the bottom off the plain T, but I ended up chopping the belly out of it, and fitting the logo back on. I also chopped about three inches off the bottom hem off the big logo T to make a tie – and to keep the nice hem. 

The logo part got gathered on the sides, to make a pocket big enough for a full-term belly and sewn back on across the front and sides.

Look how cute she is!"Mama" in finished shirt

Check out this how-to.

  1. March 16th, 2010

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