Summer uniform!

black summer uniform, thrifted and Much Loved

Hadn’t pegged myself as a wearer of tube-topped anything. But I thrifted this little black knit dress, figuring it’d work for summer biking and over bathing suits and all. There’s elastic in the waist, and a drawstring around the top that secures the dress around my neck. Couple dangly beads ornament the strings. Well, once I began wearing this thing this summer, I was *hooked*. So comfortable, so airy and so much more elegant than shorts (ugh) and a tank top or t-shirt. And having been raised on school uniforms, I like the idea of self-imposed work uniforms or summer uniforms. My winter reporter uniform is some sort of black turtleneck sweater over cords, boots.

So remember this pattern, thrifted in a bag with 6 others for less than $1?  Now I have a new camo uniform sewn from thrifted pattern and clearance knit fabric and elastic from the stash.


only one pocket!

 I don’t have a tube turner so I skipped the drawstring option and used wide elastic, as directed. Love that there’s only one pocket!  


and the skirt

Skirt’s a bikeable length, too. Not too straight, not too full.

Now to see if I have the nerve (and the time) to make the tube-shorts or tube-pants versions…

  1. cute :)

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