Georgie-girl on the make

Georgie-girl refusing food; we later discover she's full of Egg.

Seems I’m not the only one creating these days. Georgie-girl has been generating eggs, then stuffing herself full of lettuce and turtle food. More eggs, more food. Never at the same time.

She’s a Single Sort of Gal, so said eggs are duds in the reproductive sense. At least we know why she’s been turning up her nose at krill.

Poor Georgie, living in the hands of amateurs. A month ago when I found the remains of an egg in her tank, I figured that was it for a long while. She stopped eating again, and I figured she was reacting to the slight chill in the air. I don’t know when the eggs will stop, but I did feed her disgusting amounts of floating turtle food last night.

As soon as I figure out how to embed videos, I will.

Meanwhile, watch her frantic efforts here.

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