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Summer uniform!

black summer uniform, thrifted and Much Loved

Hadn’t pegged myself as a wearer of tube-topped anything. But I thrifted this little black knit dress, figuring it’d work for summer biking and over bathing suits and all. There’s elastic in the waist, and a drawstring around the top that secures the dress around my neck. Couple dangly beads ornament the strings. Well, once I began wearing this thing this summer, I was *hooked*. So comfortable, so airy and so much more elegant than shorts (ugh) and a tank top or t-shirt. And having been raised on school uniforms, I like the idea of self-imposed work uniforms or summer uniforms. My winter reporter uniform is some sort of black turtleneck sweater over cords, boots.

So remember this pattern, thrifted in a bag with 6 others for less than $1?  Now I have a new camo uniform sewn from thrifted pattern and clearance knit fabric and elastic from the stash.


only one pocket!

 I don’t have a tube turner so I skipped the drawstring option and used wide elastic, as directed. Love that there’s only one pocket!  


and the skirt

Skirt’s a bikeable length, too. Not too straight, not too full.

Now to see if I have the nerve (and the time) to make the tube-shorts or tube-pants versions…

Georgie-girl on the make

Georgie-girl refusing food; we later discover she's full of Egg.

Seems I’m not the only one creating these days. Georgie-girl has been generating eggs, then stuffing herself full of lettuce and turtle food. More eggs, more food. Never at the same time.

She’s a Single Sort of Gal, so said eggs are duds in the reproductive sense. At least we know why she’s been turning up her nose at krill.

Poor Georgie, living in the hands of amateurs. A month ago when I found the remains of an egg in her tank, I figured that was it for a long while. She stopped eating again, and I figured she was reacting to the slight chill in the air. I don’t know when the eggs will stop, but I did feed her disgusting amounts of floating turtle food last night.

As soon as I figure out how to embed videos, I will.

Meanwhile, watch her frantic efforts here.

teeny sewing

My teeny lady friend in Massachusetts turns one this July. I like being the auntie who sends her purple things, so I put this dress w matching bloomers together from more JoJo flowered fabric, freecycled purple linen-esque stuff and some vintage buttons that have been waiting in the button box for such use.

The criss-crossing back is what sold me.

Sadly, there are no ruffles on the tush of the bloomers, but now that I’ve finished this project, I’d love to work on fixing that.

And my pale nephew loves the water. But his baby skin is really, really white, so his mother wondered where she’d find an old fashioned one-piece suit for the little guy. Enter a crafty auntie. Found this navy stretch terrycloth on the JoJo clearance rack early the morning I got pink slipped. Sheesh.

Used this thrifted romper pattern, and added a little USA patch to the front with an iron then a zigzag stitch. Now my teeny white man can hog the pool ladder all he wants without fear of the Burn.

Go to it, little Mister!

Can’t say I’m back to sewing wholeheartedly. Still just putting things together that need doing. Job or no job, I needed a little birthday gift for my dear friend’s little girl, so it was shop and spend money, or make something with love from materials I collected while gainfully employed. Ditto for tiny bathing suit – and seeing these finished things I made with my own hands boosts morale in wonderful ways.