Refashioning… a work space

I used to have a dining room.

It’s now my work space, home to files and a printer and a few spots to post ideas and deadline reminders and all.

Computer sits on this small table pulled from an alley when it still was green and had a narrow shelf underneath. The shelf since has been dropped, redrilled and bolted on and the whole thing a stunning shade of purple found on the Home Depot Oops paint table. Scanner machine fits underneath now, and the alterations are less apparent.

I can’t sew right now. I’ve knitted a tiny bit while watching TV news, but I don’t feel like I have the luxury of crafting quite yet. Soon, I hope, once the chips have fallen and I have a productive daily routine.

At least I’m finishing something. 

    • Karen
    • June 26th, 2008

    I love that colour of table, at least you are working at getting back to work and not just sitting and hoping something falls into your lap. Good luck with your work and I hope you will have time to craft soon.
    I enjoy making the dishcloths when I only have a little time to craft because they are easy to make and you can finish one in very little time and have an easy gift to give someone if you are overstocked. I found a lot of free patterns for dishcloths on the internet.

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