how to…make ruffles

This top started out as a thrifted nightshirt with a plain front and a bottom rounded bottom edge. Which I promptly cut off and then hemmed up the shirt edge. Those scraps stared at me for months until I figured it out: Ruffles for the front.

ruffles-finished finished close up of ruffled front

Making ruffles is really easy with t-shirt strips, fabric strips w finished edges, or in this case, fabric tubes made from scraps.

ruffles1-before slices of fabric removed from bottom of original shirt

Either fold the strips in half, lengthwise or measure the halfway mark.

ruffles2-fold in half slices of fabric folded in half
ruffles3-measure half or measure strips in half

Cut straight down the middle.

ruffles4-cut in half cut fabric in half

Fold each piece in half, lengthwise, wrong sides facing, and press.

ruffles5-fold them in half fold and press in half, wrong sides together

Sew each strip, wrong sides together, close to the edge.

ruffles6-sew close to edge stitch

I ended up with four tubes, two long and two short.

ruffles7-stitched 4 stitched strips

Turn the tubes, so the right sides are out, and press them with the seam in the center back.

ruffles8-flipped flip tubes right sides out

Baste down the middle of each tube.

ruffles10-baste down middle baste down the middle

Fold the top and bottom edges over and stitch, by hand or machine.

ruffles11-finish ends finish ends

Lay strips out on the shirt. I decided to do three, and combine the two short pieces into one long one.

ruffles12-lay out strips strips laid out

Pin the top of each strip to the shirt neck. I pinned the right side of the top strip upside down at the V point of the shirt.

ruffles13-pin tops pin strips at top

Then gather the strips by gently pulling the underthread of the basting. Pin as you gather. When you get to the bottom, fold the edge under.

ruffles15-gather gather strips and pin in place

All three are pinned and ready to be sewn.

ruffles14-pin as gather strips gathered and pinned

Stitch down the center of each strip.

ruffles16-stitch down middle stitch pinned strips in place


As if leopard could get better!

  1. June 21st, 2009

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