wrapped up in purple, vol. 1 (or how to… freezer paper stencil)

Wrap clothing is my salvation and my downfall both. Tops and dresses that wrap always fit – and that’s the problem – there’s no telling how snug they should be since there’s always plenty of give. in the end, I seek out stuff that wraps around because it always looks good on me. I get my much-needed waist, and there’s room for many or no layers underneath.

The purple-ing of my wardrobe continues. Wardrobe Refashioners advised me many moons ago to figure out what I like and need and stick to it. I like purple and I need clothes that fit well, and nothing adjusts more easily than a wrap. My stash is full of purple fabrics in one- and two-yard lengths.

So I made a dress from a pattern I had, McCalls 4007, and some purple linen-like fabric from the Joann clearance rack bought last summer, maybe.

DSC04463 finished dress – cute but boring

I finished my size and didn’t love the neckline – which prompted me to get cracking on Burda Style’s Desira wrap – but it fit nicely and screamed out for a freezer-paper stencil.

I used a blown-up evil eye design, the simplest I could find online and still it took a lot of skill with scissors to cut out precisely. (Note to self to choose something with fewer pieces next time.) Image also known as a hamsa or hand of Fatima and my superstitious self adores it.

enlarged printout to 8.5 x 11 setting on copier

Traced the outline with a pencil on the flat side of freezer paper.

DSC04462 compare to original

Cut it all out. I like to use tiny scissors. Ironed the bottom skirt flap where image was going. Carefully placed pieces onto the skirt, ironing a piece at a time (no steam!), first the outline, then the small motifs.

iron one piece at a time, no steam
all ironed on

Mixed gold and purple craft paint with white fabric paint medium. Put the fabric on a chunk of newspaper in case of bleeding, then dabbed the paint on until the whole stencil was well covered.

freezer stencil paint two coats of paint did it – added more gold streaks in second coat
freezer stencil protect paint on something protective like newspaper to avoid bleeding paint onto another layer of the garment

Let mostly dry, then applied a second coat, streaked with gold. Let paint dry overnight just in case. Peeled off freezer paper pieces carefully.

that hamsa’s finished!

Held up for Mister to admire.

dress wrap purple finished dress so much cuter with the design

Other freezer paper tutorials available on Craftster, Freezer Paper Stencils on Flickr.

  1. I like how you didn’t use one solid color of paint–that’s great!

    • georgeina
    • January 17th, 2009

    What an interesting technique. What is freezer paper?

  1. January 7th, 2009
  2. February 22nd, 2010
  3. February 26th, 2010

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