Anda, anda everywhere…and nowhere

I spotted several Anda bastardizations in Old Navy ads lately, which prompted me to finally make one already:

And so I’m spending a day with myself (while the Mister works a nightshift), mocking up an Anda in light purple poly fabric I got from a kind Chicago Freecycler, since it’s fabric I don’t love love love, but could totally live with if the pattern fits and flatters. Other beauty of the solid color is that it’ll totally cry out for freezer paper stenciling once it’s done, and I’ve been thinking about evil eye designs for only the last decade or so. Such a charming, basic dress. Here’s hoping. I don’t use Burda Style patterns enough, though I’m beginning to look at them more.

Might have to mess with the neckline a la Old Navy ads, though, since that high Anda neck doesn’t flatter a bust such as my own. Let the experiment begin!


Ugh. Anda that matches my measurements is an awful tent.


I’ve since pulled in the sides considerably. Instead of putting in elastic, I experimented with a purple sequined belt at different “waists”: high, natural, drop. They’re all terrible. Might have to face it.

Anda just might not work for me.

  1. I think the v-neck and elastication under the bust would make it very different to the tent shape(less) you’ve got now. You could try some shirring under the bust in front and a panel mid back at waist level to pull it in some more. Good luck!

    • indigorchid
    • May 29th, 2008

    Slash the neckline! I agree – I think there are few who can actually pull off the high neck like the original Anda, and have it be flattering (there is a reason I haven’t really looked at Anda twice). But I adore the Old Navy version of the neckline, I think it would look *much* better. If you hav’em, show’em! ;)

    • kilroy
    • May 30th, 2008

    Hi, I made the Anda dress, and I use a kimonobelt to avoid the tent shape :)

  2. kilroy, love to see yours w belt! got a pic? or a link?

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