Bottle browns

There’s a thundersnow going on this afternoon, and the dreariness is almost more than I can stand. I spent lunch yesterday fetching some gorgeous plants from a charming craigslist guy about to move — a giant umbrella plant as tall as me in a lovely green pot, fleshy aloe with tall spikes, a flourishing prayer plant — good thing yesterday because today would have been too cold to drive with the umbrella plant sticking out of an open window.

Blah. So in a kitchen bursting with new green plants, I prepare for summer. I threw some awful pastel stuff into dye baths on the stove. A cotton candy pink cardigan with puffy sleeves.

pink cardigan before

The cutest dusty rose Philly Girls shirt.


A pale green knit dress I already shortened. A fantastic tube dress in a weird beige.

Into the tub! I stir as the snow falls. I check the time when the thunder claps. I will be ready when the sun shines, ready in sundresses and cardigans, in hemmed pants that fit right, in t-shirts cute enough to bike around in. It’s my inaugural Rit.

Make hay while the sun shines; make clothes while the snow keeps coming down.

In the end, Philly t-shirt a lovely darker wine color.


Both dresses a wonderful brown. But the bright pink cotton cardigan came out patchy. Reading about Rit, I think it got tangled on other stuff. Wonder if I can throw it back into the dye bath by itself tomorrow? Couldn’t hurt.

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