The pink wool Jantzen halter suit

I hate Chicago’s western suburbs. Sadly, this is where I work several days a week. Can’t walk anywhere, and many of the people there think they’re pretty darned entitled. I say “darned” because I’ve just given up profanity for Lent. Monday was a terrible day for many reasons, among which I couldn’t walk to the strip mall next to my office building because there are zero sidewalks. Had to drive the .12 miles to Trader Joe’s for a few bottles of wine.

All that aside, I took myself to the only Salvation Army I know out there in the DuPa, which is somewhere along Roosevelt Road. Struck gold there. White roller skates. Various cashmere sweaters. Jumpsuits. A vintage pink Jantzen wool bathing suit with a halter top. A red angora hat with a button on the top. A black velvet vintage hat w feather.

Some of this is going straight into my wardrobe. Some will have work done before becoming part of the daily repertoire- the light green sweater dress will have to be darkened, beaded purple cashmere sweater taken in a bit. The rest is destined for fitzfab @ eBay as soon as I pull my act together to post it all.

  1. January 17th, 2011

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